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Kevin – One More Week

Another week and another run after the elusive Athletic Shoe Merchandising Goal.  We’re making headway.  Our team has moved up again this week, but not as much as we had hoped.  Man, the guys in this class are OUTRAGEOUSLY aggressive!  I mean, they are dropping prices, raising advertising, and going crazy – but can their […]

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Kevin – Best Laid Plans

Okay, I am the CEO of my organization in this crazy Business Strategy Game and my team has taken it on the chin for the last two weeks!  So what did I do?  I acted as any respectable CEO would, blamed my CMO for having faulty market intelligence, I blamed my CIO for having terrible […]

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Kevin – Update on Strategy

Since our last discussion, we have actually had two result weeks (years in the life of the game) of the BSG and the competition is firing up. First, you have to understand how the game is scored. You get a maximum point value of 20 points each for reaching a specified target in EPS (Earnings […]

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Kevin – BSG Week II

The second practice week of the Business Strategy Game (BSG) went pretty well for our team.   We were able to improve upon last week’s (AKA “Year’s”) simulation enough to move us into first place; however, it is VERY competitive.  No bragging here, just thankful to be alive in the competition. Matching intellectual swords with the […]

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