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Don’t Just be a Better Sweater – By Don Adams

Sweat and fatigue are natural responses to physical exercise, but the goal isn’t to become better sweaters.  Rather, it is to engage in purposeful, strategic activities to reach the specific levels of achievement that we set for ourselves.

Body builders push themselves to lift more. Runners push themselves to cover greater distances quicker. Mountain climbers push to reach higher elevations. Those who are recognized for their greatness and talent work harder at a higher focused level to achieve their goals.

If the world around us gets faster, more knowledgeable and more powerful, and we fail to keep up with it, we effectively begin to experience atrophy. We lose our edge. Our years of experience mean less and less and our value diminishes.

While in our pursuit of personal growth, we might not physically sweat, but our soul sweats. We push ourselves through opportunities that challenge us and as a result internal conflicts are created. The resolution of those conflicts is the elevation change we experience as we climb to reach our goal. We tackle projects we don’t know how to start. We lead teams that struggle for a path. We engage in decisions that require intense debate. We take a risk, step back and evaluate, then re-align. We challenge ourselves, take another risk and start all over again.

Just as we exercise our bodies for greater physical capability, we challenge and exercise our internal paradigms, perspectives, philosophies, and self-perceptions all in the name of personal growth.

If it was easy, we could only be average and average doesn’t differentiate.

Exercise. Push. Grow.

-Don Adams


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