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In the Home Stretch

I take a breath and open my eyes, 2 classes done, 4 more to go. The residual daylight in May still glazes the mighty Mississippi at 8pm.Ringing in 2012 with the buzz of party favor and a toast of champagne still feels like yesterday’s dream. 5 months have come and go and in 5 more, I will be an MBA graduated.

Caught in a whirlwind of tasks, responsibilities and obligations, life flashes before your eyes, but in the midst of chaos, remember to reflect on your days to make sure that you are living the life you desire. Take the time to dig deep in your soul and find your passion and purpose. Celebrate your free will and set your own goals. If you fail to set, execute and reach your goals, you will drift through life and be controlled by your environment. Take the time to savior every second of each day. Push yourself to your limit every day and give thanks for every new day and new opportunities.

Honor the MBA faculty at CBU not by regurgitating the classroom material but to utilize and apply the skill sets developed within the program to think logically and make decisions.

Honor CBU’s values by utilizing your talents with your new founded knowledge to serve the community.

Honor yourself by continuing to grow and committing yourself to habits of success for you can never reclaim a moment of the past.

Jittapong Malasri, P.E.
Residential Engineering, MLGW
Expected MBA, May 2013


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