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Comment Dit On Merci by Charles Hawk

Daily I’m amazed with what I didn’t know and the ever growing domain of knowledge available to learn! School does this for me.

I came to the MBA program jaded from my 25+ years in business and computer sciences. I was a little cocky too. As a former VP in a small food processing company (i.e. VP of R&D, Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas, Kansas, Louisiana, Mississippi), as a Naval Intelligence Officer during Desert Storm, as a pre-med physics major at the University of Texas at Austin, as a TKE, as a 32° Mason and as a founding officer of the Memphis Chapter of PMI (i.e. PMP, VP PR & Marketing), I was thrilled to discover that I didn’t actually know it all. I became aware with each class of a growing vista of concepts and approaches I had not considered; tools and opportunities I could use. Like philosophy, ethics revealed “truths” to aid in my professional growth; like Economics that spun elaborate macro concepts in my mind; like Financial strategy where rigor and eloquence were taught, and like the opportunity to independently focus on strategy (i.e. can you hear my heart throb?), each brought a greater appreciation of the economic fabric we call business. This journey led me to hunger for more and regret that I was starting so late! For the opportunity to meet and share with my cohort-friends and fellow travelers, for the pleasure of engaged and academically challenging instruction and debate, comment dit on merci?

Oh oui, thanks,
Charles Hawk
Spring 2010 MBA Cohort
Business Strategist


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