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Looking forward (and back!) – Guest Blog by Afshan Latif

After completing my last class evaluation yesterday, as I looked down the list of all the
class evaluations I had filled out, I realized I’m so close to being done! Of course, the
next thought that entered my mind was look at all the classes I spent working on for the
last two years of my life and then the final realization- now what?!?!?

Starting from the excruciatingly long two-day orientation on a blustery October weekend
(which I would rather have spent with my children), I was introduced to the people I was
going to spend the next two years with. The MBA office was not kidding when they said
that! I did end up spending equal amounts of time with my MBA-mates as I did with
my children over the last few years. As the countdown to completing the program gets
closer and closer, I now wonder what I will do with my free Tuesday nights (which has
since changed to Wednesdays throwing me completely off my rhythm!) The cohort lost
some people along the way, but the main core has stayed consistent and I am happy to
say that I now have a good group of friends having moved to Memphis only a year before
beginning the MBA program at CBU.

Now that we are done with this part of our lives, now what? As we head back to “normal
lives” of not having to juggle group meetings in between the children’s taekwondo and
bedtime and writing papers all day and feeling like having made no progress, or taking
a quiz at 10 pm as I should have been peeling out of the CBU parking lot (yes, that
actually happened!); we have a void to fill in our lives. However nostalgic we may be
for a split second, I know we have a long laundry list of things to-do that are not MBA
related that we are anxious to get to. Or are we?!?!? Was the MBA program just an
excuse for not attending family functions we would rather not have wanted to, or seeing
a friend we were not really interested in catching up with? I know that free time on the
couch or playing in the yard with the kids will be genuinely appreciated, but acclimating
ourselves back as responsible adults and not students (even on a part- time basis) will be
an adjustment on our parts that I’m sure we will “master”!!!

Congratulations and good luck to all the MBA students from the Fall 2009 Cohort- you
guys rock!!!!

-Afshan Latif


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