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My CBU MBA Experience

As I approached my mid-forties, I thought my chances of obtaining an advanced degree were fading fast. Family, work, time, energy – they all conspired to make an MBA seem out of reach. But a simple inquiry about the CMBA program at CBU changed all that. Very quickly I found myself carried by the momentum of the program through the application process, orientation, and into my first class.
And once we started, there was no stopping – Ethics, Accounting, Economics, Business Strategy, Marketing, etc., etc. From one class to the next. No time to second guess. Barely time to breath. Always with the cohort. Learning together. Eating together. Growing together. Every Tuesday it started with a quick dinner and ended five hours later in the parking lot, comparing notes and building rapport. A team meeting or two during the week, some reading, some research, some Power Pointing, and then time to partake in another oddly satisfying casserole.
The CMBA program, by design and in practice, met us where we were – educated adults balancing work, family and school, who were looking to advance our careers and attain skills we did not yet possess. The learning was fast paced and self directed. You got as much out of the program as you put in. Two years later I find myself better prepared, better educated, better organized, better connected, and a better person than when I started.


Jay Healy, CFP® | President
Century Wealth Management, LLC


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One Comment on “My CBU MBA Experience”

  1. James Stone January 19, 2012 at 11:53 am #

    Great job Jay! Love the oddly satisfying casserole bit. Though I would probably questions just how satisfying…….

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