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Career Welfare by David D’Alessandro

Career Warfare: 10 Rules for Building a Successful Personal Brand and Fighting to Keep It

From Publishers Weekly

D’Alessandro, chairman and CEO of John Hancock Financial Services and author of Brand Warfare, offers winning strategies based on the notion that everyone needs to develop a “personal brand” that distinguishes them from other employees. This lively book has advice that is entertaining and bluntly honest. D’Alessandro outlines 10 rules for career success including “Try to Look Beyond Your Own Navel,” “Put Your Boss on the Couch” and “Everybody Coulda Been a Contender; Make Sure You Stay One.” All employees need to realize that success won’t come only from hard work and dressing appropriately-“by themselves, they will not set you apart from your peers, and they will not propel you into the executive suite. In fact, the biggest mistake you can make is to assume that organizations are rational, and that success will proceed in a rational manner from your good performance reviews, nice manners, and sharp suits.” Instead, D’Alessandro shows how people can get themselves noticed within a corporation, find ways to make their bosses excel, develop reputations for honesty and effectiveness and learn how to work with the enemies that will inevitably jeopardize their positions. He also offers very specific advice on the three types of meetings-staff, get-something done, combat. Occasionally, his comments-not having an affair with a colleague or not getting drunk at off-site meetings-are obvious, but, overall, this volume is a solid and inventive guide to success that should inspire many readers to alter at least some of their on-the-job behavior..
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