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CBU MBA graduate class of 2010. Also known as Erin Wiles.

Kevin – Learning to Dig

Business ResearchLet’s see, Easter, Spring, DST, and a little vacation in the Arkansas Mountains and WHAM!!!!, we are finished with the Business Strategy Course and into week 3 of the Analytical Business Research Course.  Okay, seriously, when I looked at the program at first I said, wow, MBA in two years.  Then I looked at the schedule and said, WOW, when will I have time to breath.  Now that I am officially at the half-way point, I can honestly say, it hasn’t been that bad.  Now, I’m not going to tell you it has been easy, but it hasn’t been unbearable.  As far as our cohort is concerned, we have only lost 1 and he transferred with the USPS to DC so, that really shouldn’t count.

Okay, about this class.  Are you ready to learn how to dig, dig, dig?  Are you ready to learn how to frame a question, establish a hypothesis, collect data, and prove or disprove a point.  Well, this is the class for you.  Sound boring, it did to me at first but now this is my seventh “favorite” class.  Yes, all the others were my favorites while working through them as well.  The really cool thing is that you get to use the tools you learn in class immediately.  There is no waiting on graduation so you can start applying what you learn.

Me, I have seen my value in my clients eyes increase as I am able to bring more and more ideas, opportunities, and suggestions to them during our meetings.  In addition, the quality of my work has increased and therefore their satisfaction has also.

Here is an example of the work we have completed in this class:

As many of you know, I am currently working on my MBA at Christian Brothers University.  As part of our Analytical Business Research Project, my team has been commissioned by a local Business Consulting Firm to gather primary research on the general attitudes of business leaders toward the consulting process.

My team and I have prepared a brief survey that we would greatly appreciate you taking the time to complete.  In test market conditions, it has taken an average of 4 to 5 minutes to complete this survey.  It consists of a few simple questions with check the box, or pull down menu answers.

While I know your time is highly valuable and your positions are very demanding, that is the very reason I am reaching out to you to request that you assist us in completing this survey.  Your education, knowledge, and experience in your chosen field represent the quality responses we need to provide meaningful data to our client.  Your responses are and will remain confidential.  While the results of the survey will be summarized and a full report presented to our client, in no way will your individual responses be made available to our client.  As each of you are either family, friends, business associates and/or colleagues that I have had and will continue to have interactions with, I can assure you that even our team members do not have access to your individual responses.

Again, I appreciate you assisting my team and me with this portion of our Research Project.  As we are in an accelerated program (our semesters are only 8 weeks long), time is of the essence; therefore, as soon as you can complete this survey it would  be most beneficial to us and certainly most appreciated.

Simply click on the below link and follow the directions in Survey Monkey. http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/MCLHNND

If any of you want to take this survey, please do so soon, we will be shutting it down in a few days.

Until next time.

Kevin Fleming
Owner of KTF Consulting
MBA Concentration: Undecided
Graduating: May 2011


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