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CBU MBA graduate class of 2010. Also known as Erin Wiles.

Kevin – BSG Week II

200x120The second practice week of the Business Strategy Game (BSG) went pretty well for our team.   We were able to improve upon last week’s (AKA “Year’s”) simulation enough to move us into first place; however, it is VERY competitive.  No bragging here, just thankful to be alive in the competition. Matching intellectual swords with the other members of our cohort is a complete thrill.  My kids are now accusing me being a “business geek.”  Hey, they’ve got that “Us” game, or is it “We?” Or “Wii?”  I’m not sure but they bounce all over the place with it.  Me, I just sit at my computer, review report after report after report and try to figure out what the other teams are going to do and try to shuck when they jive, a little head fake and then go for the end zone.

Okay, I may be re-living my younger “Glory Days” of the 1980’s (nevermind that most of you weren’t even born back then), but I really get juiced with this Strategies Class.  It is a great opportunity to combine what we have already studied in our Economics, Accounting, and Finance classes and apply it to a simulated “real – life” scenario.  I guess the key things I really like about the game are that it is very realistic.

  • The decisions you make have risk and reward.
  • The outcome of your decisions are directly affected by the decisions made by your competition.
  • You don’t get a chance to go back and “undo” the decisions.
  • You have to take what you get, learn from it, and try to make better decisions next week (year).
  • YOU NEED A STRATEGY.  If you make “fly by the seat of your pants” decisions, it will be obvious.
  • You get to take chances…and in this case it doesn’t cost you your job.
  • Your strategy does not have to be perfect.
  • You have the opportunity to practice what you have learned.
  • TANSTAAFL (There Ain’t No Such thing As A Free Lunch) – you have to work at this game.
  • Even the good decisions you make can be trumped by someone else’s better decisions.

Lectures, papers, quizzes and exams have their place in the learning process but they culminate in the opportunity to put those tools to use in some sort of practical application.

On another note, I want to talk a bit about my cohort and how impressed I am with them.  Being in the corporate world, owning my own business and having a few years of experience under my belt gives me a greater appreciation of what is being taught in the MBA program here at CBU.  The tools being developed will undoubtedly prepare all of us for great and mighty things in the business world.  I only hope that when my classmates are soaring the corporate ladder, starting their own business or teaching other young students the tools of the trade that they remember the old gray haired man in their class who enjoyed their company and appreciated seeing them grow their abilities and talents.

Whatever their choice, I hope to remain close to them and continue to be a part of their success in some way.  As I stated in a recent presentation, “People buy from people, they don’t buy from companies.”  Everyone wants to be successful; some people make goals, wake up early and work hard to obtain those goals…until next time.

Kevin Fleming
Owner of KTF Consulting
MBA Concentration: Undecided
Graduating: May 2011


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One Comment on “Kevin – BSG Week II”

  1. emwiles February 10, 2010 at 3:45 pm #

    I can completely relate to you Kevin. We are doing a Markstrat simulation in CMBA 607 and it is intense. Intense not because of the amount of competition, but because of the immense amount of data to weed through! Every decision is a monumental task, especially when you have 10 rounds to finish!

    I have a feeling you will like this simulation more than BSG when you finally get around this this class. Keep pushing with the BSG!

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