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CBU MBA graduate class of 2010. Also known as Erin Wiles.

Business Strategy Game

Conquering the Business Strategy Game Part 1:  Don’t Spend Years In The Dark

businessphotoI confess to be amongst the world’s most notorious instructions avoiders.  I often back into the instructions as a last resort only after my ignorant poking and prodding have had undesirable outcomes.  However for the Business Strategy Game (BSG), trying to learn on-the-fly will likely have disastrous results, especially when each turn represents an entire year in this is a highly competitive, complex game.

I would have to advise anyone starting out on this game to take the first and most basic step: Read the Player’s Guide!

The BSG Player’s guide, located in the Corporate Lobby, is not the normal guide that has become prevalent in our litigious society. You know those Crazy Straw guides?  Where it takes 100-pages of instructions and 3-languages to avoid lawsuits from maniacs who might bust a lip trying to suck from the middle of the straw rather than from one of the ends.

Instead, the BSG Player’s Guide is  a good mix of game-screen instructions, strategy suggestions, and even refreshers on business concepts such as financing, economics, accounting, marketing, social responsibility (all topics that should sound familiar to MBA students).  The guide starts by defining the shoe-hocking BSG world that your corporation lives in, then drills further into each decision screen you will see while playing to provide more insight.  It even offers some recommendations on how to operate a successful company, all the while sharing various environmental factors that your company may face.

The read is well worth it.  There are only so many shoe-purchasing dollars available in the BSG world, so some companies have to fail.  Don’t let it be yours and don’t let your ignorance put you even one year behind.  Chances are, you’ll never catch up.  Read the BSG Player’s Guide before you start.  Heck, read it twice!

Mike Tucker has ranked in the top 100 in the Business Strategy Game.  With his leadership, his team ranked 6th world-wide with a 43.3% Return on Average Equity performance and a stock price of $143.68 per share.

Coming soon
Conquering the BSG Part 2:  Choosing (and Sticking With) a Strategy.

Michael Tucker
Employment: Database Administrator at Merck
MBA Concentration: General Management
Graduating: December 2010



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