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CBU MBA graduate class of 2010. Also known as Erin Wiles.

My MBA Cohort

mbacohortAs the fall term comes to an end, I reflect on the true meaning of the word cohort.

The Wiki definition of cohort is group of people who share a common characteristic or experience within a defined period. The comparison group may be the general population from which the cohort is drawn.

Christian Brothers University MBA program is a cohort model, which allows the students to govern themselves; each cohort has a leader who has the ear of the MBA director if problems or questions arise that may impact the entire group. So, I would say a cohort is a community of individuals, who respect each other’s talents and opinions. The CBU cohort is then broken in to teams, each team consists of four or five individuals of various talents, and this becomes the group you work with during the entire program (you do have the option to change nights or groups).

In order for this team approach to work communication is a must, let’s not forget each individual has a life outside of the program with family and work responsibilities. There will be times when each team member’s job or family responsibilities interfere with class work or projects; it’s up to the other members of the team to step up and say ok, “we’ve got it; don’t worry.”   The old expression there is not an “I” in team, is really true.

The cohort model creates a small learning community which allows you to work with individuals of various talents and backgrounds. Does it work?  Yes, what you can learn from a diverse group of people who are focused on a common goal cannot be accomplished outside of a cohort model program.

Sure there are other MBA programs around town or online, but the CBU program allows you to network within the class and personally get to know each other.

What I know about my cohort:

  • There is a scientist who works to find the cure/treatment for cancer.
  • Two people have gotten engaged (one married in June)
  • There are two school teachers who are guardians of the future.
  • There are three new first-time mothers.
  • Three people have lost their jobs due to downsizing, and two have found employment
  • Every one in the cohort has decided on a concentration to focus. (Marketing, finance, etc…)

By working in the cohort model, we are gaining a deeper understanding of our course material through in depth, real world discussions among classmates of diverse backgrounds.  Each cohort member brings a unique perspective, and that is most valuable to achieving a complete MBA education.

Rick Maupin
Employment: Director of Corporate & Government Programs at CBU
MBA Concentration: Leadership
Graduating: May 2010

It should be noted that Rick Maupin is an employee for Christian Brothers University, but is also a current student in the MBA program.  The opinions expressed in this post are that of a student at CBU, not an employee.  Don’t we all wish we could have the same passion and love for our employers?!



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