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CBU MBA graduate class of 2010. Also known as Erin Wiles.

Alumni Advice – Daniel Messinger

Daniel-Messinger-bucDaniel Messinger
Therapist and Administrator at the Logan Center
Licensed Master of Social Work
Master of Science in Social Work
Class of 2003

Dear MBA students:

It has been a long time since I sat in the very chairs you are now sitting.  Well, not really that long ago, only 6 or 7 years ago.  However, much has changed in delivery of the MBA  program, content, and style of program.  All changes for the best, I might add, as I helped make many of the changes  during my tenure as Director of Graduate Programs at CBU.  Alas, that is for another letter!  My purpose now is to attempt to offer some words of encouragement and enlightenment for your journey through the program.  I hope I am able to help several of you.

The first and most significant piece of advice I can give you is that your teachers expect you to already know the material they are covering.  Yes, you heard me right.  Then why do you need to take the class you ask?  Well, it is simple. Despite the teacher’s expectations that you know the material, you will look at it from totally different perspectives.  A prime example from my courses was the Economics class.  We were already expected to know the material as we had completed it as undergrads in Micro-Econ, Macro-Econ, and Managerial Econ.  But this time, the course was taught as if we were the CEOs of a company and left to make the management decisions ourselves.  This was totally different than the “hold your hand” approach I was used too from undergrad.  I learned fast that I was expected to offer explanations for my decisions and “just because” was not an acceptable answer.  From Day One, I was expected to offer reasons for my answers, which I have found in the real world to be the exact case.  People out here expect you to know what you are doing and they expect a good reason why you chose to act in a  certain way.

The second piece of significance I took from the CBU MBA was a new appreciation of the written word.  I must have written thousands of pages of documents and notes.  I knew how to write and I had been told rather frequently I had a knack for writing.  In the MBA program, my writing quickly became a    foundation to my program as I was writing major assignments weekly.  I was always kind of crazy because I love to write anyway.  Again, back to the real world where I have found writing to be paramount to whatever you do.  If you cannot write, you cannot communicate.  What you learn in the MBA program is how to decide what is of importance to decision makers.  They don’t care about the “who’s” and the “what’s”.  All they care about is what is going on right now that needs a decision.  Trust me, write a long drawn out summary of a problem to your boss and see what happens.  I bet you won’t get asked again for your input and you are quickly labeled as “long winded”, which is not a term of endearment!

All in all, these two things I mentioned above are the most significant things I took away from my MBA program.  You would expect it, but no, the class material was not something I took away.  Let me ask you this, if you learn a foreign language and do not speak it, what happens to it?  That’s right, you lose it.  Of course I don’t remember everything from my classes, I   didn’t really use all of it all the time.  I did learn how to look for the information I need and where to find it.  For example, I now know that when faced with financial problems, I go straight for the Finance books and, get this, I actually know where in the books to look!

Study and do well.  Work hard and it will pay off.  Remember, education is something they can never take from you.



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